Yxper StartTools

The yxperience helps entrepreneurs and new projects to start free and expand your business.

Hosting, Cloud Servers, E-mails all fast, modern with the quality and support that your project needs.

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Create yours Yxper cPanel Free now

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Hosting cPanel

Finally you can have a yxperience and start free with a quality service that is under your total control.

Fast and modern hosting with 1GB of space, quality and free support.

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Cloud Servers

If your project needs more power, then know the instances and choose according to your needs.

Fast and modern servers with 99% SLA.

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Cash Back YX

Here at Yxper you receive 15% of your invoice in credits to use with Yxper services or pay future invoices.

Credits are available within 10 days after payment.


Now you can have business e-mails accounts and paying only you use, all in your control, without limits. Unlimited accounts and space.

Unlimited email boxes. Pay only for the space you use.

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Conta Digital e Maquininha nunca foi tão fácil com o SafraPay®, abra agora sua conta digital SafraPay® com a Yxper.